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Piercing jewelry conform sterile & safe for your maximum protection

Latest technology own patents and a precise manufacturing

Customise bodyjewelry in different lenght, gauges, diameter and sizes

Know our high standard of Jewelry use

Stege the first in Singapore to have our Bodyjewellery use for piercing sent for testing in Singapore by Chemist Elemental Analysis Testing Laboratories and our intergrity is proven, tested and approved



we use Grade 23 Surgical Titanium selection for all new initial bodypiercing. Is biocompatible and has been given an 'F' prefix by the ASTM (F-136) signifying it status as an approved medical grade material. G23 Titanium is also specified by the APP (Association of Professional Piercers) for bodyjewellery usage. Titanium we use are produced in Germany to the highest standards. Or the best in the world

BE SURE 100% Authentic Crystal Evolution is the only company in the World to use Crystallized™ with Swarovsk® tag on bodyjewellery : a guarantee of the highest quality and perfection in the manufacture of Crystallized™ product. This label is available to brands using exclusively Swarovski crystals in product who qualify in terms of the regional implementation program. Visit us for Exclusive Crystal Colours & Effects selection

Blackline™ is registered Trade mark and is scientifically supported, have been tested by biological testing laboratory and certified biocompatible for external and internal medical devices that come into contact with bone,skin, tissue or blood. process and method have been noted by series of technical insitutions including the Technische Universitat in Braunschweig.

SS316L is a Surgical implant grade which is the most used material for bodyjewellery. Although they all contain nickel, they do not release nickel salts into the body and do not induce nickel dermatitis. STEGE have laboratory testing certificates on file indicating that our bodyjewellery is safe to come into direct and prolonged with the skin

MYSTERIUM™ Is a new PVD coating applied to 316L Grade Surgical Steel, Biocompatible and with no corrupting effect on the metal. SURGICAL BLACK STEEL Elution test results reported as ug/cm2/week Piercing assemblies Pass = < 0.2ug/cm2/week Tested to BSEN1811 inc BSEN12472

IKON PLUG Using high performance PMMA material. Empirical evidence shown that the human body tolerates PMMA exceptionally well. rare case of sensitisation. This Bodyjewellery should be frequently cleaned. available with almost 300 different graphics

WOOD & CORAL There are 5 different of wood available , Coconut wood, Palm wood , Iron wood , Sono wood and Teak wood. All these are the best wood material we choose for our bodyjewellery. CORAL All Coral is legally imported from UK and exempt from CITIES restrictions

Walrus Ivory we use is exported from the USA under the convention on international Trade In Endangered Species(CITIES) covered by original cities certificate no 03 US 076181/9 issued by the Fish and Wildlife service under Endangered Species Act 1973 and cleared for export license no LE 074798-0. This Ivory is imported into the european community by CITIES certificate number Z60908/01 Quantities of this rare exceptional material are very limited. always check detail with us for available design your sizes


We use G23 Titanium (6AL 4V ELI) for all our internal threaded bodyjewellery. G23 Titanium is the only standard material approved by the APP.

HORN, BONE, BUFFLAO bodyjewellery is hand craved from water bufflao horn. unlike ikon plug made from PMMA. That why these line are more costly. These range of product cannot be autoclave or heat sterilise, and should be worn in a unhealed piercing. These material capable to absorb oil from the piercing area thus reducing odors. The key to stretching is time and patience. Consult your piercer for guidelines

DARKSIDE - HI PERFORMANCE BLACK PMMA Polymenthylmethacrylate is being increasing used in medical situations and is suitability for bodyjewellery. Empirical evidence shown that the human body tolerates PMMA exceptionally well. Rare case of sensitisation.

LUXURIOUS WHITE GOLD BODYJEWELLERY We use (585 Gold) and (750 Gold) for our bodyjewellery. Visit us for a wide range of white gold bodyjewellery or you can also customise our selection of white gold bodyjewellery with us. we also produce the following using german technology for our Luxurious bodyjewellery

SOLID GOLD We use superior range of exotic bodyjewellery in 14ct and 18ct gold. This grade of material is the most appropriate for threaded bodyjewellery, strong enough for threaded features after repeated usage.Our gold is manufactured with a nickel free alloy. We specialized in designing,setting of all bodyjewellery in Gold with CZ and Diamond

LUXURIOUS DIAMOND Provide us with your choice of 1.Carat weight 2. Colour grade 3. Clarity grade 4. Cut grade and With GIA Certification* (optional) and we will do the rest.

Please visit us to discuss for your Diamond Bodyjewellery

ZIRCON GOLD™ TITANIUM Coating on the highest quality G23 Surgical Titanium bodyjewellery. PVD formula is proven biocompatible and permanent. zirconium nitride has been tested and certified biocompatible. Is safe and colourfast. Can be autoclaved at high temperature without detrimental effect. Possesss an extremely low coefficient of friction

BOROSILICATE , BARIUM CRYSTAL AND SODA-LIME GLASS bodyjewellery we use is completely hypoallergenic, such as it unlikely cause an allergic reaction. Borosilicate glass is super strong glass use for scientific glassware. Barium crystal belong to a high end , lead free glass.Glass can be fragile, pls take care of your bodyjewellery when removing or during shower

SILICON the most comfortable earplug available on earth!! Super lightweight and low conductivity. favoured by sport enthusiast and helmet wearers. very comfortable to wear while sleeping. Skin tone colour also available instore. We strictly only use implantation grade silicone and are washable. Recommeded to people with metal allergies.





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