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Bodypiercing is

our profession


Legal Adherence to Singapore Nickel RRT ( Dir 94/27/EC)

Our aftercare Conform to NF EN1040 standard

Professional Bodypiercing

Established in 1996, Specializing in Piercing & Body Jewelry

  • Committed to provide for our customers and ensure their upmost satisfaction and comfort with their piercing experience
  • Wide range selection of the best material body jewelry
  • HSA approved Autoclave MOM CIF Registration No: BR086008C & BR105999V
  • Products assessed by analytical servies in production, that conform to EC Nickel Directive
  • 100% certified sterile single packs and disposable needles
  • We are trained and certified in first-aid, CPR and advanced BCLS skills in adult, child, and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation, recognised and accredited by the National Resuscitation Council.


    Our High Standard of Quality


    The first in Singapore to have our body jewelry sent for testing by Chemical Elemental Analysis Testing Laboratories and our integrity is proven to be in accordance to:

    (1) BS EN 1811:1999 reference test method for release of nickel products intended to come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin.

    (2) Determination of nickel content by Inductively Coupled Plasma---Atomic Emission Spectometry.


    Type of piercing we do ! 

    Ear - Lobes   
    Ear –Dermal Punch 2.4, 4, 8,10,12mm
    Ear - Conch
    Ear - Daith
    Ear - Industrial
    Ear - Orbital
    Ear - Anti Tragus
    Ear - Helix / anti helix
    Ear - Forward Helix
    Ear - Rook
    Ear - Snug
    Ear - Tragus
    Ear - Transverse Lobe
    Ear - Vertical Tragus

    Facial - Bridge
    Facial - Eyebrow / anti eyebrow

    Surface - Ankle
    Surface - Chest
    Surface - Nape
    Surface - Hip

    Nostril- Nose
    Nostril- Septum

    Oral - Cheek (dimple)
    Oral - Lip
    Oral - Madonna
    Oral - Medusa
    Oral - Smiley
    Oral - Tongue / tongue web
    Oral - Labret / vertical labret

    Body - Navel
    Body - Navel ( inverted, vert / hor )
    Body - Nipple (Female)
    Body - Nipple (Male)

    Genital (Female) - Clitoris
    Genital (Female) - Clitoris hood
    Genital (Female) - Vertical clitoris hood
    Genital (Female) - Inner Labia
    Genital (Female) - Outer Labia
    Genital (Female) - Christina
    Genital (Female) - Triangle

    Implant Skin Diver ( most area )

    Implant Micro Dermal ( most area )


    Bodypiercing Aftercare Procedure


    Quality Does Matter

    At PiercingClinic we do research and development and frequently upgrade our body jewelry selections whenever there are materials of higher qualification. We do not play or gamble with your health. Not only do we just sell the products and equipment, but we have them tested too.


    Body Jewelry Parts

    Bodyjewelry parts are available in different lenght, ga, diameter, sizes and crystal colour. Are you not sure of what is suitable for you? Talk to our piercer personally to know more what is suited for you.
    Please note:
    We do not entertain Q&A through emails.







    Appointment with us or look at our deals for u !





    The EU Nickel Directive which EU Law as of 1st July 2001, requires that nickel content used in parts during epithilization after piercing must contain less than 0.05% nickel by mass. Certificates show that our piercing jewelery is well within the criteria for all secondary piercing applications.

    2006 New amendment to EU Nickel Directive 76/769/EEC "All post assemblies require less than 0.2ug/cm2/week (migration limit)



    Feedback and Comments

    Our objective is to make sure our guests receive the best piercing experience. If for any reason you have a any comments or complaints regarding your piercing, please email to customer service. Please remember to include your information, date of visit, and the name of your piercer. If you do not provide these particulars, we will not be able to help you. Misusers will be reported