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Crystal Evolution™ brand in stunning statement

Crystallized™ with Swarovski® quality label

your assurance that our pieces are of premium quality



First brand & World No" 1 to come on scene using the FREE SETTING SYSTEM with Swarovski Crystal on exclusive bodyjewelry. CRYSTALLIZED ™ WITH SWAROVSKI® is a quality branding label attached to our product symbol of our real commitment, to be part of todays most original creations


At Stege we present the best material and workmanship produce in "FREE Setting System" with Swarovski crystals. This enhances the radiance of the crystals and bring out the stunning incredible sparkle and remarkable combination. The crystals are all set by hand. Bodyjewellery material we use is from the highest grade G23 Surgical Titanium recognised worldwide.


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BE SURE 100% Authentic

 CRYSTALLIZED™ with Swarovsk® tag : a guarantee of the highest quality and perfection in the manufacture of CRYSTALLIZED™ product. This label with ID number is available to brands using exclusively Swarovski crystals in product who qualify in terms of the regional implementation program.





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