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Manic Panic® brought you this electrifying semi-permanent hair color in 1977 and changed the world! Used by countless celebrities, models, and celebrity stylists. famous VEGAN formula not only colors but conditions the hair. MANIC PANIC® HIGH VOLTAGE™ "CLASSIC" CREAM HAIR COLORS. Some even glow under a black light !!

MANIC PANIC® AMPLIFIED Cream Formula....a stronger, longer lasting formula. AMPLIFIED Cream Formula lasts 30% longer. For those who seek more permanence from their semi-permanent. In colors you know and love. The same fantastic VEGAN ingredients as the CLASSIC FORMULA. Now packaged in 4oz squeeze bottles.


Manic Panic® Official "How To Dye" Tutorial Video!



Tish and Snooky show you how to dye your hair with MANIC PANIC® hair color from start to finish in this official tutorial video. Watch them in action as they transform the model's hair right before your eyes and share their secrets on how to best to use their famous formula. They're the true experts: they've been doing it since 1977.

MANIC PANIC® Hair Color products were used exclusively in this production. Even the "handwriting" on the slides above was created with MANIC PANIC® Dye Hard® Styling Gel!

This video tutorial is a must-see for all. Share it with your friends!
Live Fast and DYE Your Hair®.
With MANIC PANIC® Hair Color.





In print here are a few tips to “Rock” this color:

• Applying Manic Panic® dye to pre-lightened hair is the best way to assure that you will achieve the vibrant results
• Always wear protective coloring gloves when applying and rinsing color out .Make sure to use petroleum jelly or a thick conditioner around the hairline and ears to prevent any unwanted staining
• Apply to dry hair and leave on for at least 30 minutes
• Comb through to make sure it is applied evenly
• Let process until hair color dries, this will prevent any unwanted bleeding
• Put on protective gloves. Do not Rinse hair in the Shower.
• Rinse with cool water away from the face!!
• Rinse until water runs clear, this may take some time but it’s worth it
• Once water runs clear, apply a thick conditioner to hair and rinse again until water runs clear


1. Why should I use Manic Panic® hair color?

Manic Panic® Hair Color is a vegan semi-permanent dye fortified with conditioners that add moisture and act as a filler to hair that has been pre-lightened. There are no harmful chemicals in Manic Panic® Hair Color. Our unique formula is gentle to the hair and contains no animal by-products. Our products are Tested on Celebrities Not Animals! ™
For intense results the hair should be lightened to light blonde or naturally light blonde. When applied to virgin (unprocessed) hair, results will vary according to hair texture and color. This product should not be used for dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes. If eye contact does occur, rinse immediately with warm water and contact a physician.


2. Manic Panic® Hair Color and Flashlightning Kit® instruct me to do a strand test before I begin. What does this mean and why do I have to do it?

A strand test is one of the most important steps before beginning a hair color or lightening process. It ensures you will get results you are happy with.It’s a preliminary test to determine specifics such as processing times, possible results, and allergies. It is especially important in situations where the hair is damaged, over processed, or the intention is to attempt a dramatic alteration to the color of the hair.


3. How can I know if I am allergic to Manic Panic?

Here’s how to perform a Patch Test:

1. Select a small test area, about the size of a quarter, behind the ear or in the inner fold of the elbow.

2. Wash the test area gently with a mild soap and water. Dab dry with a clean towel.

3. Cover the clean test area with a thin coat of the specific shade of Manic Panic® Hair Color desired.

4. Allow the test area to dry. Leave it uncovered and undisturbed for 24 hours.

5. Examine the test area carefully. If there are any signs of irritation then under no circumstances should the product be used on the person tested.

8. Can I use Manic Panic™ Hair Color to cover grey hair?

Our darker colors will cover the grey and eventually fade to a nice pastel. Our lighter colors will add a nice hue of color. We recommend leaving the color on for at least an hour. The longer it is on the hair strand the more it will soak in. Grey hair can be very resistant for any hair color to absorb.

Applying heat works well to open up the resistant cuticle layers on grey hair. Even though grey hair is light in color, it generally needs to be pre-lightened or otherwise processed in order for Manic Panic® Hair Color to work best



4. What kind of shampoo should I use after I dye my hair to keep it colored longer?

Use a mild/gentle cleansing shampoo that is free of oils and clarifiers. Traditional "color safe" shampoos are not recommended.


5. How long do Manic Panic® colors last? Is it the same for all the colors?

The way Manic Panic Hair Color fades varies from person to person and from color to color. Darker colors will last longer than lighter colors. If hair is well taken care of it usually last from 4-6 weeks.

6. What is UV color?

We have a variety of hair color shades that are UV reactive or Glow Under black Light.

Classic Hair Color: Electric Banana®, Cotton Candy™ Pink, Electric Lizard™, Electric Tiger Lily™, Hot Hot™ Pink, and Red Passion™

Amplified Hair Color: Pillarbox Red™, Wildfire™, Hot Hot™ Pink, and Cotton Candy™ Pink, Electric Lizard™


7. Do I need to pre-lighten my hair every time before I dye my hair?

ONLY the new growth! Be careful not to overlap on hair that has already been lightened, this can cause breakage and damage the hair.


8. What is the difference between semi permanent and permanent hair color?

A semi-permanent like MANIC PANIC® hair color does not contain any harmful chemicals and relies on natural vegan dyes that mostly sit on top of the hair. Manic Panic partially penetrates hair shaft with smaller color molecules than the permanent hair color. Permanent hair colors contain ammonia and require peroxide to penetrate and bond with the hair shaft. Our product is gentle and does not require a mixer


9. I start school soon, how can I remove Manic Panic® Hair Color from of my hair?

To remove Manic Panic® Hair Color:

Hot oil treatments, hairspray, alcohol based hair products, shampooing with harsh shampoos (clarifying, anti-dandruff, deep cleansing), Dawn dish soap, and exposure to water will result in gradual fading of your MANIC PANIC® Hair Color. Some of the darker colors take more time to fade than the lighter colors and can sometimes leave behind a slight tint.

Remember if the base of your hair was pre-lightened before applying Manic Panic® Hair Color Your result after the dye fades will be lightened hair. Bleaching is permanent..


10. Can I use Manic Panic® Flashlightning® kit to bleach my permanent colored black hair?

It is very dangerous to apply Manic Panic® Flashlightning® kit to hair colored with a permanent black color. Do not attempt to do this without the advice and direction of a professional stylist who can evaluate the condition of your hair. Lightening dyed black hair can be extremely damaging and result in major breakage!

If your hair is dyed black, some darker MANIC PANIC® dyes will give a stunning highlight (like Vampire Red for example) and will not damage but actually condition the hair.

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