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EAC-1500 Capacity : 5 ltr S$2880.00

High developed with high durability that lasts more than 10 years. Our most popular model!! Compact and lightweight easy to carry and can be installed anywhere 

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EAC-2200 Capacity : 14 ltr S$3850.00

Full automatic microprocessor loaded machine High speed water feeding system within 8 seconds, certifications are JIS 13BZ2354 and ISO 13485, 9001 and 14001

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EAC-2600P Capacity : 16 ltr S$5560.00

All computerized autoclave, automatic high speed water, sterilizing, drying and continuous within an hour

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EAC-2255V Capacity : 22.5 ltr S$7800.00

High speed mode water feeding and sterilizing, performing a complete forcible drying by a high powered piston pressure pump. Built in microprocessor for easy operation

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EAC-4000D Capacity : 38.5 ltr S$9380.00

Developed for high durability that lasts more than 10 years, very effective to install places such as surgery and treatment rooms, medical, dental and specialist clinics

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Ready stock and model available now!! Delivery within 5 working day

Your best choice autoclave partner

Product made and assembled in Japan


Price Inclusive of Ministry of Manpower 1st inspection certificate, all taxes, 12 months warranty and local delivery to Clinic , Hospital and Studio



We Shipped worldwide